Peanut Drying Machine For Sell

The peanut drying machine is mainly used for food processing industry, beans, nuts, nuts (such as peanuts, milky rice, boiled spiced peanuts, melon seeds, almonds, chestnut, beans) to reduce water. The machine adopt the electric heat pipe as the heat source, uses the rotary roller, the heat conduction, the heat radiation principle,the machine has the automatic temperature control device; the hot air is the drying medium, the heat energy acts on the baked object. This product adds time control fu...

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Peanut Brittle Molding Machine Price

The peanut brittle molding machine is mainly used for peanut candy, sachima, nuts crisp, egg Shao crisp,corn crisp molding,the machine have a continuous feeding pre-tapping and multi-pressure roller roll flat,smooth surface,moderate density,it have uniform thickness.Frequency conversion technology,it is very easy to adjust the speed,it adopt the PLC control,coordination is precision, and its apperance is good. The machine is automatic leveling, leveling the density of moderate,uniform thickness;...

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Peanut Baking Machine For Sell

The peanut baking machine is used for baking peanuts,cashew nuts and other nuts special equipment. Features: 1, the machine adopt infrared or gas heating method will be heat radiation on the baked objects. 2, the machine material is divided into 304 stainless steel and outsourcing for the carbon steel, cage for the production of stainless steel mesh. 3, the machine adopt the temperature controller automatically control the operating temperature of the oven, the operating temperature control in t...

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The Main Ingredient Of Coffee

Caffeine There is a particularly strong bitterness, stimulating the central nervous system, heart and respiratory system. Appropriate amount of caffeine can also reduce muscle fatigue, promote digestive juice secretion. Because it will promote kidney function, a diuretic effect, to help the body will be extra sodium excreted. But excessive intake can lead to caffeine poisoning. Tannic acid After boiling the tannic acid will break down into coke, so brewing too long the taste of coffee will be wo...

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The Customer Visit Company For Cube Sugar Making Machine

The customer fromNigeria need the cube sugar making machine.the customer want know the the cube sugar making machine price. our sales send the price list to the customer.the customer is satisfied to the machine price. later, the customer decided to come to company. and want to know more detail. The cube sugar making machine can automatic feeding and molding, and continuous briquetting. and it is mainly used for pressure cube shape and other various shapes. Such as,heart shape and so on. its spec...

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