The Origin Of Sesame Sugar

In the Chinese folk youth that day, but also the days of folk festivals. Folk legend, the annual twelfth lunar month twenty-three, kitchen princes have to heaven to the Jade Emperor reported that the familys good and evil, so Jade Emperor reward and punishment. So to send the stove, people in the kitchen like a table before the table for candy, water, beans, grass grass; which, after three is the stove Wang Sheng days of the stock preparation. Sacrifice, but also the Kanto sugar with fire to mel...

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Rice Krispies Treat Machine Working Video

This rice krispies treat machine is used for making many kind of cereal bar such as puffed rice bar,puffed corn bar,puffed oats bar,puffed wheat bar and puffed millet bar. The machine adopts far-infrared plate heat, heat uniform, fluoride nitrogen-treated barrel surface besmear not touch thrun coating, mixing the effect is much better. Equipped with automatic temperature control system, temperature regulation more convenient....

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Peanut Roasting Machine For Sell

Peanut roasting machine is suitable for roasting chestnuts, peanuts, melon seeds, walnuts,rice, whole grains, peppers and other dozens of food, a machine with a green, thermal insulation, luxury health, convenient, Saving time, high yield advantages of performance, is the most ideal roasted seeds and nuts equipment The machine adopts the advanced roller horizontal structure, the drum is heated evenly, and there is insulation function, automatic rotation, automatic stir frying, automatic pan, the...

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How Produce Peanut Brittle?

1,The pot into the sugar and water, heating sugar, in order to prevent the sugar in the supersaturated solution appears in the grain and affect the quality of the product and keep the product color and transparent color, to be fully dissolved, that is, adding chemical jelly. 2,In order to ensure that the product is clean and hygienic, no impurities, the melted sugar solution into the other sugar pot, still continue to heat. 3,Boil sugar should pay attention to stirring, so as to avoid the phenom...

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