How Choose Peanut Skin Remover?

The peanut skin remover is mainly used in the production of raw white peanut, peanut milk and peanut granules. The peanut is not broken after peeling, the color is white, the protein is invariant. Our company produces a machine that can be used in multiple units, which can be used for the material, peeling, sucking, picking and vacuuming, and the quality of peeling to the export standard. The whole machine has reasonable structure, stable operation, long service life and high stripping rate. Pea...

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Peanut Bar Production Line With High Efficient

This peanut bar production line are suitable for flatting and cutting the peanut bar,muesli bar.and it is easy to operation. the peanut bar production line has large heating area,high thermal efficiency,even heating,liquid material boiling,time is short,easy to control the heating temperature etc. Characters: 1.the machine is frequency control,flatting and cutting for one time With With multiple level structure,pressed flat,uniform thickness 2.the machine have multiple flat structure,pressed fla...

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Peanut Skin Remover Manufacturer

Peanut skin remover machine is used for peeling the red skin of peanut after roasting or heating in the oven or roaster.and the output peanut will not broken, will be whole peanut kernel. The peanut skin remover with stable performance,it have long service life.its peeling effect is good. Feature: 1,It has high peeling rate,high full rate,low power consumption,high productivity, no environment pollute. 2,Peeling and separating of kernel,peel complete at the same time. 3,It has good effect of sep...

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Peanut Roasting Machine Working Video

Peanut roasting machine is mainly used for roasting peanuts,peanut fruit, chestnuts,walnuts,almonds,eat beans,beans,nuts,seeds and other granular food. Features: 1.This machine is very easy to control and is convenient to move different place 3. Many kinds of fuel can be used,coal,firewood,gas,electricity,etc. 4.This roasting machine is used for frying different food stuff,such as pellets,nuts,and chips etc. 5 All kinds of nuts can be fried by this machine and get a stable and uniform...

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Peanut Red Skin Peeling Machine Working Video

The peanut red skin peeling machine is a special peeling machine for blanched peanuts, coated peanuts, cocoa peanuts. The materialenters in the peeling room from hopper automatically, then the rubbing device peels the peanut to be white, scarless, and keep whole-kernel. The red coat will be separated from the peanut kernelautomatically. The machine have stable operation,long service life,high threshing rate.And can use multiple combinations,peeling quality to meet export mainly used...

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