Peanut Skin Removing Machine Sold To Nigeria

The customer from Nigeria need the peanut skin removing machine .our sales send the quotation to the customer.the customer is satisfied to the price. The customer decided to purchase our machine.the machine from shanghai shipped to Nigeria now. The machine adopts the roller differential rolling rub skin rubbing on peanut peeling, stable and reliable performance, long service life, good effect of peeling, the advantages of high productivity, good quality. Peanut skin removing can finish feeding,...

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Peanut Candy Bar Forming And Cutting Machine

The peanut candy bar forming and cutting machine is mainly used for peanut candy, peanut crisp,sachima and other leisure food molding and cutting. It has a continuous feeding pre-pressure and multi-pressure roller rolling automatic molding, product surface is smooth, moderate density, uniform thickness,it is all automated and intelligent. the machine using frequency technology, the Department of action by the PLC control coordination accuracy for different products and processes to adjust the sp...

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Peanut Brittle Production Line Working Video

The peanut brittle production line is mainly used for making peanut candy,sesame candy,sachima, egg Shao crisp, melon crisp, peanut crisp, corn crisp, peanut sugar, frozen rock sugar, rice etc. If you want know more information, you can leave the message on our website....

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Groundnut|Peanut Peeler Machine China

Groundnut peeling machine consist of the power plant (including motor, pulley, belt, bearings, etc.), rack, feed hopper, peeling roller (steel roller or sand roller), suction leather fan and other components. The machine adopts the method of peeling peanuts with roller rubbing and rubbing and peeling. It has the advantages of stable and reliable performance, long service life, good peeling effect, high productivity and good quality, and can be used in combination. Specifications peanuts peeling....

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Cereal Bar Machine Working Video

The cereal bar machine is used for making many kind of cereal bar such as puffed rice bar,puffed corn bar,puffed oats bar,puffed wheat bar and puffed millet bar. Its turntable covers an small area.Up and down cooling.its mechanical cam indexing drive, stamping can produce round cake, round bar, spherical, box-shaped and other shapes of food...

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