Coffee Plus Cube Sugar

Although the coffee mellow, but the taste bitter; and sugar, although sweet, but the taste thin. So they are willing to drink coffee when the candy sugar, sugar, you can make the full benefit of the two play. Finally one day, she was mature and became a stout sugar cane. When she was taken away, she looked up and saw him smile, and she took the hint and secretly thought, I will be with you. And finally one day, he harvested, made up the fruit, was picked down, he left, reluctantly looked at her...

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What Are The Benefits Of Peanuts?

Peanuts are re-loved, mainly because the researchers have confirmed: peanuts are a healthy food. On the one hand, the American Federal Government published a dietary guide to inform people that most of the fat contained in peanuts are unsaturated fatty acids and do not contain cholesterol. This fatty acid not only does not like the saturated fat as blocking the artery, but the arterial scavenger reputation, can significantly reduce the total cholesterol and harmful cholesterol levels, cardiovasc...

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How To Make Sesame Candy?

1.Prepare sesame is pre-cooked with an oven or fried. 2.Pour the sugar into the pot and water, medium heat to boil 3.When the juice bubbles out of the fine when poured into maltose, continue to cook, during mixing. 4.When the juice is amber, pour all the black sesame seeds, turn off the fire, stir fry evenly. 5.Pour the pre-coated oil paper mold, cover with a piece of oil paper, pressed directly after the removal, on the board 6.When it is not hot, you can use sharp knife cut i...

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The Historical Source Of Coffee

Ancient Arabs first coffee beans dried boiled, the juice as a stomach to drink, that helps to digest. And later found that coffee also refreshing the role of the same time because the Islamic regulations are forbidden to drink, so the use of coffee instead of alcohol, as a refreshing drink and often drink. After the fifteenth century, the pilgrimage to the Holy Land of Mecca Muslims gradually brought the coffee back to the place of residence, so that coffee gradually spread to Egypt, Syria, Iran...

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The History Origin Of Sesame Sugar

According to legend, as early as the Tang Dynasty, Changzhou began to use caramel, sesame, the production of a form of sesame candy, Called hemp sugar. To the late Northern Song Dynasty, the smoke everywhere, Jin Bing large invasion. Kang Wang Zhao from the capital Bianliangnan escape, partial Jiangnan, blindly compromise, do not want to recover the North lost. People are very angry with this. At that time had a poem: mountain outside the Castle Peak House, West Lake song and dance when the rest...

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