The Medicinal Value Of Peanuts Skin

The theoretical study Peanuts can dress peanut against fibrin dissolve, can reduce bleeding and clotting time, promoting bone marrow hematopoietic function, increase the content of platelet, improve the quality of platelet, improve the defect of clotting factors and not raise the level of blood coagulation factor, strengthen the function of blood capillary contraction. Clinical application of Aplastic anemia, hemophilia, primary and secondary thrombocytopenic purpura, liver bleeding, postoperati...

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Peanut Skin Removing Machine

This peanut skin removing machine is the most advanced peanuts dry peeling equipment,the machine with reasonable structure, smooth operation, long service life, clean rate higher characteristic and so on. And many sets of combination to use, peeling quality meet export mainly used for peanuts, peanut butter,peanut candy, milky white peanut milk, peanut particles of peeling before production. The machine have stable performance and long service life.its peeling rate is also h...

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Cube Sugar Production Line Working Video

The cube sugar production line is mainly used for making different specifications cube sugar, the machine can achieve automatic rotation, automatic frequency control and continuous briquetting,it is high efficiency and save manpower....

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Granola Bar Machine For Sell

Granola bar machine can produce oat chocolate, corn cakes, rice chocolates and so on. The machine is finished automatically from the mixing, cutting, forming, freezing and de-molding.the machine can finish the 3 tons / 8 hours of production, and the machine covers an area of small. The machine make the mixture quite flat and stick to each other tightly, avoid is PLC Touch Screen controller box of granola bar machine allows operator to set the required length and width in advance, qu...

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Peanut Sugar Production Line Manufacturer

The peanut sugar production line consists of peanut roasting machine, peanut peeler machine, boil sugar pot, automatic peanut forming cutting machine, cooling conveyor, packaging machine and other components. Adopting intelligent manual interface control technology, variable frequency adjustment synchronization,it was controled by PLC control cutting length,7 roller molding,the length is accurate, consistent product weight. Feature: It is PID automatic control of electric heating boil sugar temp...

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