How Make Turkish Soft Candy?

Turkish soft candy is a kind of cake made of starch and sugar. Mix with rose juice or lemon. Usually light pink, soft, and jelly like and sometimes sticky, often sprinkled with sugar or dried coconut. Some of them add small pieces of pistachio nuts, hazelnuts or pecans. The usual flavors are cinnamon and mint. In the production process, the additive such as stone alkali grass may be added as an emulsifier. Heat white sugar, 285 ml of water and lemon juice in a soup pan until the sugar is complet...

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Breakfast Cereal Bar Making Machine For Sell

This Multi-function automatic breakfatst cereal bar making machine is mainly used for round ball, cylinder type by grains such as rice and wheat, corn, black rice, rice crisp, melon seeds crisp type products. Feature: 1. The shape can be round, cylindrical, square, semicircular, triangular, flower, and so on. 2. Mechanical pressure and friction, do not hurt the nuts, do not waste. 3. Mechanical transmission, precision positioning, and under the tight fit, so that the formation of super grains. 4...

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China Peanut Peeling Machine

Peanut peeling machine have dry peanut peeling machine,and wet peanut peeling machine. The main use of the dry skin machine is: the peeling of the milk white peanut, peanut milk, peanut particle, etc., and it is a necessary equipment for the production of milk white peanut. The peanut is not broken after peeling, the color is white, the protein is invariant. Our company produces a machine that can be used in multiple units, which can be used for the material, peeling, sucking, picking and vacuum...

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Cereal Bar Making Machine Cost

Cereal bar making machine is mainly used for the production of rice, wheat, corn, black rice, rice cake, eggs, sweet potato cake, melon seeds, cake and other cake products. Features: The machine is rotating a small area, up and down cooling. Direct production does not damage the product organization. Is a rotating hopper, automatic cutting material automatically filling. Its shape is good, non-stick mold and easy peeling. The drive system is simple and clear. It is frequency control, easy to con...

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How Much You Know About Peanut Nutritional?

1. Control appetite Peanuts are a high enough food that makes you feel more full and longer. An article in the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism suggests that people who eat peanuts eat less. Peanuts high satiety is not just fat, dietary fiber and protein content, but the result of all the synergies of the factors. Says Kathy McManus, head of nutrition, Or peanut butter can reduce the amount of food consumed during the day. 2. Help to reduce salt Salted snacks are usually high salt foods. But...

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