How Much You Know About Peanut Nutritional?

1. Control appetite Peanuts are a high enough food that makes you feel more full and longer. An article in the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism suggests that people who eat peanuts eat less. Peanuts high satiety is not just fat, dietary fiber and protein content, but the result of all the synergies of the factors. Says Kathy McManus, head of nutrition, Or peanut butter can reduce the amount of food consumed during the day. 2. Help to reduce salt Salted snacks are usually high salt foods. But...

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Peanut Nougat Making Machine With Best Price

This peanut nougat making machine is mainly used for sachima,rice flower sugar,egg white cake,corn cake,melon seed cake and black rice cake. The machine has the advantages of simple operation,and it is easy to use.large production, good size and adjustable length. 1,Combine mixing, levelling and cutting block, high efficiency and labor saving 2,Imitate human hand cutting principle, adopt advanced electric automatic control technology 3,Automatic cutting speed, automatic feeding, automatic feed c...

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Groundnut Peeling Machine Manufacturer

Groundnut peeling machine have the stable and reliable performance, long life, peeling effect is good, high production efficiency, good quality, it can use a variety of combinations for a variety of peanut skin processing. This machine is mainly used for raw and white peanuts, peanuts, peanuts, peanuts and other raw materials production, peanuts will not be broken after peeling, the color is white, the protein is the same. The company produces machines that can be used for a variety of equipment...

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Peanut Bar Production Line Manufacturer

The chikki peanut bar production line is mainly used for the food processing and molding produced in medium and large food industry.such as: Satsuma, Rice candy, Rice bar, Frozen rice candy, Sesame candy bar, Peanut brittle(peanut candy bar), Sunflower seeds candy bar, Coarse grains, Cereal bar and other molding and cutting. Features : 1.No damage for products, 2.The appearance is integrity, 3.Uniform thickness. The machine control the speed with the best frequency changer in China, according to...

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The Effect Of Peanut

The vitamin K in peanuts has a hemostatic effect. Peanuts are 50 times more effective than peanuts and have good hemostasis for a variety of hemorrhagic diseases. Peanuts contain vitamin E and a certain amount of zinc, which can enhance memory, fight aging, slow brain function decline and moisturize skin. Peanuts contain vitamin C that reduces cholesterol and helps prevent atherosclerosis, high blood pressure and coronary heart disease. Trace elements in peanuts Selenium and another kind of biol...

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