Rice Krispies Treats Making Machine China

This rice krispies treats making machine has largest capacity in air flow puffing machine. This is suitable for the puffing process for soybean , rice, corn, millet, wheat and etc. This machine has the characteristic of big output low energy consumption, high safety factor. 1.The shapes produced can be various, for instance, round type, round bar, square type, semi-circle type, triangular type and blossom type; 2.Mechanical soft pressure will not damage nut particles with more elegant molding. D...

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Peanut Candy History

Reportedly peanut candy is the first time in 475-221 BC during the warring states time, because at that time, are fighting all around, there, some people a little rich for life safety, away, away from the fighting. In war-torn era, in order to convenient to carry, rich families will caramel [1] and the malt after saccharifying boiling sugar, sticky, commonly known as maltose) and peanuts to add boiled together, after boiling, then cut into small blobs of irregular, it is formed a peanut candy, i...

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Turkish Delight Cutter Machine Price

Turkish delight cutter machine is suitable for food production such as melon seed sugar, peanut candy, sachima, cereal bar, rice sugar, frozen rice sugar, Fried rice sugar, black rice cake, egg potato cake, candy, etc. Main production equipment features: The main control circuit adopts imported single chip microcomputer, man-machine interface, variable frequency control, convenient and fast parameter setting, easy operation and intuitive operation, and fully realize humanized automatic operation...

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Peanut Nutrition Analysis

Peanuts are of high nutritional value and contain rich fat and protein. It was determined that the content of fat in peanuts was 44% to 45%, and the protein content was 24-36%, and the sugar content was about 20%. The peanut also contains rich vitamin B2. PP, A, D, E, calcium and iron. It contains a variety of vitamins including thiamine, riboflavin and niacin. The mineral content is also rich, especially the amino acid that contains human body must, the function that promotes brain cell develop...

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The Bangladesh Customer Visit Company For Nut Roasting Machine

The customer from Bangladesh need the nut roasting machine .then our sales send the quotation to the customer.the customer is satisfied to the price.and the customer want know more information about the nut roasting machine.the customer decided to come to china visit company. Our sales pick him up in airport.and drive him to the company. The continuous nut roasting machine is widely used in food,electronics,chemical industry etc. Such as peanuts,cashews,walnuts,pistachio,almond,broad bean and ot...

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