Almond Peeling Machine Working Video

The almond peeling machine is used to remove the peanuts red coat Peanut red wet peeling machine is such as peanut, soybean, almond, broad bean into the hopper, the jolt of raw materials into the rotary roller, through induction, the effect of feeding wheel, the raw material of the blade will be on the head skin incision, then discharging wheel after peeling press m, benevolence, bean into the hopper, and is discharged in the hopper, skin via jilt the skin wheel....

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Cube Sugar Making Machine Manufacturer

Cube sugar is fine grained refined sugar as raw material to squelch 1/2) block (e.g., half of the cube), advanced products, sugar sugar quality characteristics is pure, white and bright, candy edge is complete, with the appropriate company, it is difficult to break, but quickly dissolved in the water, solution transparent clear mission. Sugar production proper use of the crystal grain size of the refined sugar, refined sugar and a small amount of concentrated solution (or water) to become wet su...

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Where Can Buy Cereal Bar Machine?

Cereal bar machine is specially suitable for puffing and expanding various rice, corn, barley, wheat, bean, maize, sorghum, millet, peanut, sunflower seeds, sesame,Chinese chestnut and other foods puffing, with crispy taste and lively shpes. Feather: 1. The shapes can be varied, such as round, round, square, semi-circular, triangular and flowered; 2. Mechanical soft pressure does not damage the nut granules, more elegant styling. Direct pressure die and molding can not be affected by rework, sav...

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Peanut Bar Production Line Price

Peanut bar production line are mainly used to make peanut crisp and other nuts. Products include peanut baking machine, peanut peeling machine, sugar machine, mixer, molding machine, packaging machines. Features : 1. Production line with heating and mixing, is the reciprocating plate and automatic cutting combination, simple operation, mixing the finished product size, weight consistent. 2. Dimensions can be customized according to customer requirements. 3. Mixer with far infrared board heat, he...

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How Make Peanut Brittle?

The sugar A pot of sugar and water, heat the sugar, to prevent the sugar in supersaturated solution in grain and affect the quality of the product and keep products fresh color and transparent form, after being fully dissolved, namely chemical syrup. A ROM. To ensure that the product is clean, clean and free of impurities, the melted sugar has been poured into another sugar pot, which is still heated. Boil sugar Should be paid attention to when cook sugar for stirring, lest produce paste pot phe...

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