Puffed Cereal Bar Making Machine Price

Our puffed cereal bar making machine can produce various different shapes cereal bar. like round type,round bar,square type.the raw material can be rice,wheat,highland barley,maize,broomcorn,Chinese pearl barley,buckwheat etc. Feature: can make round ball,round rod,round cake,square. 2.Product Size:according to your request,we can customize various products size. 3.Aopts food-level materials to produce mold and hopper,safe and healthy 4.A rotating hopper,automatic baiting and automatic fill...

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Peanut Bar Production Line Cost

This peanut bar production line machine is mainly used for the forming of peanut candy, peanut cake, and the food of qima cake. It has a continuous feeding preloading and multichannel roller rolling automatic molding, product surface smooth, moderate density, uniform thickness, really realizes the automation and intelligent; The machine USES frequency conversion technology, each action is controlled by PLC to coordinate precision, can be adjusted for different products and processes to speed to...

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The Sudan Customer Visit Company For Cereal Bar Making Machine

The customer from Sudan need the cereal bar making machine .the customer find us.and he hoped we can send the quotation about the machine.our sales send the price list to the customer.the customer is satisfied to our price.the customer want to come to china visit company. Several days.the customer come to china.our sales pick him up in airport.our sales drive the car to the company with the customer. Our sales discuss the detail with the customer about the cereal bar making machine.the customer...

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Rice Krispies Treats Making Machine Supplier

The rice krispies treat making machine is mainly used for rice, wheat, corn, black rice, rice cakes, eggs, sweet potato cakes, melon seeds, cakes and other cake-type product forming production. Characteristics: The machine is rotary small area, the upper and lower cooling. The direct production does not destroy the product organization. It is rotary hopper, automatic cutting automatic filling. Its molding of good, non-stick molds and easy stripping. Drive system is simple and clear. It is freque...

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The Value Of Peanuts

The seed oil is 45 ~ 55%, the minority can reach about 60%, the protein content is 25 ~ 30%. As a lubricant in the textile industry, it is used as a hardening agent in the mechanical manufacturing industry. It has certain curative effect to childrens simple indigestion, and has the effect of cough and expectoration. In addition, peanut seeds can be made, Fried, or made from peanut sugar, peanut cakes and confectionery and peanut butter. Stem leaves are high quality feed. The shell can be used as...

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