Nutrition Cereal Bar Equipment

Nutrition cereal bars in European and American mainstream market has long been popular, is peoples main leisure food consumption, both can be used as a breakfast food, also can be used as the best food for your work. With the development of Chinas national economy and the improvement of the consumption level of residents, the consumption pattern is diversified, and the nutrition cereal bar and energy bar is gradually becoming the new favorite in Chinese food consumption. GELGOOG machinery seize...

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The Uzbekistan Customer Visit Company For Peanut Candy Machine

The customer from uzbekistan need the peanut candy machine .the customer want know the price of the peanut candy bar making machine.our sales send the price to the customer.the customer is satisfied to the price.and decided to come to company to visit. The peanut candy machine is mainly to production peanut candy,sesame candy and other cereal snack food. Feature: 1,easy to operate 2,control by machanical, size can adjustment freely; 3,efficient and durable, 4,shell material :304 stainless steel...

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Cube Sugar Machine Manufacturer

The cube sugar machine is a kind of automatic sugar, automatic pressure forming, continuous pressure block mainly used for pressure square and other shapes. Sugar can be added to coffee and tea. Feature: 1. It is a kind of sugar machine which can realize automatic rotation, automatic frequency control and continuous pressure block, which is mainly used in the shape of sugar cube. It has two specifications 20 x 20 x 13 mm, 18 x 18 x 12 mm. 2. The cube sugar making machine is suitable f...

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Nut Roaster Machine Feature

1. Selective heating, which can be used for uniform heating and uniform drying; 2. Under the direct action of microwave electromagnetic field, the materials are short drying time, low drying temperature, uniform and bright color of products; 3. Dry and dehydrated water gas direction from inside to outside. Therefore, microwave drying has the effect of bulking, which can greatly help the subsequent crushing. Microwave nut roasting equipment has the effect of sterilization on microwave thermal and...

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Muesli Bar Machine Feature

Muesli bar machine feature: 1. Combining work stirring, leveling and cutting three processes together, there is no contact between people, realizing real automation and intelligent operation. Improve productivity and labor cost. 2. Humanoid hand cutting principle, adopt advanced motor speed control, different products can meet your needs. 3. The project has many transformation planar structure, the suppression is flat, the thickness is even. Cutting speed automatic control, automatic feeding, ho...

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