Sesame Brittle Bar Making Machine Service

Features: This sesame brittle bar making machine is specialized in production of any long width, thickness less than 8 mm hard sesame sugar, lalose and other sweets. High efficiency, low energy consumption, low failure rate. Quality is the foundation of survival. Service is the way of development. Only by constantly meeting the needs of customers can we establish a good image of the enterprise to win the market. In order to win the market, the company has made the upfront cost accounting, the ma...

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Wet Peanut Peeling Machine For Sale

The wet peanut peeling machine is mainly used for the peeling peanuts red skin. The peanuts need to soak in hot water for a few minutes before peeling. This kind of peeling machine is mainly used in the early stage of food, canned, beverage and almond milk. High efficiency and high peeling rate. Peeled almonds are white. Proteins in almonds and other nuts wont be destroyed during peeling. Hopper, hopper, sieve and blade are made of 304 stainless steel. Frame, belt pulley, bearing is carbon steel...

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Homemade Peanut Candy China

Peanut candy is a traditional snack, sweet and crispy, very popular with people. Peanut candy making method is not difficult, oneself can make at home, the dear friends that is interested is looked at together! Prepare ingredients: cooked peanuts, white sesame, white sugar. Appliances: electric frying pan Practice step 1: crush the peanuts with a rolling pin, the size of a persons preferences. Practice step 2: electric frying pan electric heating, do not use oil, directly put white sesame into t...

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Peanut Brittle Forming Cutting Machine Supplier

1.The peanut brittle forming cutting machine consists of heating and stirring, reciprocating platen, Semi-automatic cuts composition,the machine is very simple to operation, stir the finished size,the peanut brittle weight consistent. 2. the machine was heating by far infrared,and nonstick sides of casks,the important is Stir Evenly, nonstick pot. 3. Automatic control reciprocating motion, the average level. was automatic dicer,semi-automatic molding,the product size and weight is consisten...

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Nutrition Cereal Bar Equipment

Nutrition cereal bars in European and American mainstream market has long been popular, is peoples main leisure food consumption, both can be used as a breakfast food, also can be used as the best food for your work. With the development of Chinas national economy and the improvement of the consumption level of residents, the consumption pattern is diversified, and the nutrition cereal bar and energy bar is gradually becoming the new favorite in Chinese food consumption. GELGOOG machinery seize...

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