Automatic Sesame Brittle Bar Making Machine With Factory Price

Introduction for sesame brittle bar making machine This sesame brittle bar making machine can realize automatically forming for food such as swelle candy rice, nut crisp, peanut crisp, sesame crisp, peanut brittle, sesame seeds, nut candy, etc. Features of sesame brittle bar making machine Mechanical drive, precision positioning, upper and inner mould work closely together to make the super cereal bar forming. High frequency inverter is used to adjust the speed and efficiency of high frequency i...

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Which Machine Can Produce Peanut Bar?

If you need machine produce peanut bar,the peanut bar making machine is your best choose. 1. The peanut bar production line uses computer control,it have advanced design, stable no impact, no shaking, solves such problems as domestic counterparts slow vibration. 2. Mold and hopper are designed with food-grade material production, health and safety. 3. Forming the system of electronic eye tracking position, two machine correcting, positioning accuracy, high yield. 4. Automatic fabric material, au...

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Peanut Brittle Forming Cutting Machine Manufacturer

Peanut brittle forming cutting machine is mainly used for meters flower sugar, caramel treats, peanut brittle, melon seeds,sugar shao crisp food molding.It has a continuous feeding preloading and multichannel roller rolling automatic molding, product surface smooth, moderate density, uniform thickness, and realizes the automation and intelligent;This machine adopt the frequency conversion technology, each action is controlled by PLC to coordinate precision, the peanut brittle forming vutting mac...

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Rice Krispies Treat Production Line Manufacturer

Rice krispies treat production line can be used to make puffed rice, wheat, black rice etc crisp candy. This line is consist of rice air flow puffing machine, sugar cooking pot, temperature control nonstick mixer, automatic molding machine and pillow type packing machine. No.1Rice air flow puffing machine 1. high productivity, energy saving, simple operation, small labor and high efficiency. Workers familiar with the operation can operate three sets of expansion machines simultaneously. No.2 Sug...

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Continuous Peanut Drying Machine Feature

Advantages of peanut drying machine : 1. The net belt dryer can adjust air quantity, heating temperature, material stay time and feeding speed to obtain the drying effect. 2. The equipment can be equipped with a flexible sclera mechanical mesh belt dryer that can use the network belt flushing system and the material cooling system. 3. The net belt dryer (net belt drier) USES most of the air to recycle and save energy. 4. The unique air splitter of the dryer makes the hot air distribution more un...

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