Continuous Peanut Drying Machine Feature

Advantages of peanut drying machine : 1. The net belt dryer can adjust air quantity, heating temperature, material stay time and feeding speed to obtain the drying effect. 2. The equipment can be equipped with a flexible sclera mechanical mesh belt dryer that can use the network belt flushing system and the material cooling system. 3. The net belt dryer (net belt drier) USES most of the air to recycle and save energy. 4. The unique air splitter of the dryer makes the hot air distribution more un...

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Sugar Grinding Machine Working Principle

Working principle This sugar grinding machine utilizes the high speed relative motion between the active gear disc and the fixed tooth disc, which can be crushed by the combined action of the crush, friction and material impact of the crushed objects.This machine of simple structure, strong, stable operation, crushing effect is good, the crushed material can directly by the host grinding cavity vent, the particle size can be obtained by changing different aperture of mesh, while the machine for...

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Continuous Peanut Drying Machine Advantage

Advantage: 1, Continuous peanut drying machine can adjust the air volume, heating temperature, material retention time and feeding speed to obtain the drying effect. 2. Equipment configuration flexibility Gongyi silver-based mechanical network with a dryer can use the mesh belt washing system and material cooling system. 3. Mesh dryer (mesh belt dryer) Most of the air recycling, a high degree of energy conservation. 4. Dryer unique sub-wind device, so that the distribution of hot air more unifor...

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How Choose Suitable Almond Roasting Machine?

Multi-purpose almond roasting machine is used for baking or drying peanut, peanut, chestnut, walnut, almond, fava bean, coffee bean, melon seeds and other granular materials. This machine by the transmission device, the electric heat pipe, electric cabinet, vent, etc, this machine is used inside the oven temperature control instrument automatic control temperature, high automation, small voice, no pollution, high output, is roasted peanuts, melon seeds, almond, walnut, food and other granular fo...

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Peanut Bar Production Line With Best Price

Peanut bar production line consist of peanut roasting machine,peanut peeling machine,sugar pot,mixer machine, peanut bar forming cutting machine. Peanut roasting machine is mainly used for peanuts,chestnuts,walnuts,almonds and so on. The peanut peeling machine is compact and stable.the material is put into the hopper,which can be automatically entered into the flaking room,which is formed by two friction rolls to remove the peanut skin. the machine is suitable for all kinds of peanut,almond peel...

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