How To Extend The Service Life Of The Peanut Machine

1. Before using, check whether the fasteners are tightened, the rotating part is flexible and whether there is lubricating oil in each bearing. The sheller should be placed on a stationary surface. 2. After the motor starts, the steering of the rotor shall be in accordance with the direction indicated on the machine tool. Take a few minutes to see if there is any abnormal noise, and after normal operation, you can feed the peanuts evenly. 3. When the peanut is feeding, it should be evenly and ev...

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The Use Requirements Of The Peanut Peeling Machine

Our company is specialized in peanut sheller. What are the requirements of the peanut peeling machine in the process of use? 1. The requirement of the sheller. 1) it is clean and high in productivity. It also requires high cleanliness for the removal of the cleaner. 2) low loss rate and small crushing rate. 3) the structure is simple, reliable, easy to adjust, less power consumption, has certain universality, can remove many kinds of crops, to improve the utilization of the machine tool. 2. Requ...

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Peanut Candy Bar Making Machine Factory

The peanut candy bar making machine is suitable for sunflower seed candy, peanut candy, melon seeds candy, rice candy, sesame candy,frozen fried rice sugar, rice cakes, eggs candy,candy and other food production. Characteristics of main production equipment: The main control circuit adopts the imported single chip microcomputer, man-machine interface, frequency conversion control, the parameter setting is convenient and quick, the operation is centralized and intuitive, and fully realize the hum...

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Nutrition Cereal Bar Equipment China

Nutrition cereal bars in European and American mainstream market has long been popular, is peoples main leisure food consumption, both can be used as a breakfast food, also can be used as the best food for your work. With the development of Chinas national economy and the improvement of the consumption level of residents, the consumption pattern is diversified, and the nutrition cereal bar/meal bar/energy bar is gradually becoming the new favorite in Chinese food consumption. GELGOOG machinery s...

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How To Buy The Right Peanut Candy Machine?

The third generation of peanut candy machine , you will find that the fourth generation of fully automatic peanut candy with the third generation of automatic cutter peanut candy cutter similar, relatively, equipment is longer, in fact, the length of the equipment has something to do with our raw material, if our peanut brittle temperature is high, high sugar content, the need of the cooling time is long, so we at the time of production equipment, is particularly the longer the cooling conveyor...

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