Automatic Sesame Brittle Forming Machine

Sesame brittle forming machine is the perfect equipment for making different sizes of sesame brittle. It includes feeding hopper, pressing roller, cooling fan and cooling tunnel,automatic cutting and conveyor. The roller is a special kind of fine sesame brittle, which can be added to the sesame brittle with deep grooves. Features of automatic sesame brittle forming machine: 1. Sesame bar making machine can be controlled by mechanical or computer. 2. It has the characteristics of tracking cutting...

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How To Remove The Peanut Skin?

The peanut peeling method adopts wet peeling, we have the wet peanut peeling machine . and when the peanut is soaked, the removal of the machine is high. Second, the screening process and equipment adjust Prior to entering peanut peeling machine, filtering processing, without screening of peanut, appear the phenomenon of uneven size, can only take off red one uniform peanuts. In this case, the user shall strictly screen the peanuts before using the equipment and adjust the spacing of the rubber...

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Where I Can Buy Peanut Peeling Machine?

The peanut peeling machine should be found in the professional manufacturer, the quality is guaranteed. GELGOOG is a professional manufacturer of peeling machines in China. Our products have won the trust of consumers with reliable quality and good reputation. The company mainly produces peanut skin peeling machine, horsebean peeling machine, horsebean cutting machine, almond peeling machine, soybean dehulling machine (soybean peeling machine), black beans, mung beans peeling machine peeling mac...

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Sesame Brittle Forming Machine Price

This sesame brittle forming machine is suitable for flatting and cutting the muesli bar,peanut candy,sesame candy and so on.and the machine is easy to operation. Characters: 1.Frequency control,flatting and cutting for one time With With multiple level structure, pressed flat, uniform thickness 2.With multiple flat structure,pressed flat,uniform thickness 3.Automatic cutting ,Time saving, labor saving, economical and convenient Sesame candy forming machine control the speed with the best frequen...

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Sunflower Seeds Roasting Machine Factory

Sunflower seeds roasting machine is suitable for roasted peanuts, melon seeds and granule nuts, heating mode using steam, thermal oil, baking and cooling body, with adjustable speed, uniform baking, high output, low energy consumption, no pollution, etc. The machine is composed of hot-blast furnace, air blast device, transmission gear, drying box, etc. The machine by air as drying medium, according to the principle of heat exchange materials in the process of baking automatic double material, ac...

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