Peanut Skin Removing Machine Cost

The peanut skin removing machine is mainly used in the production of raw white peanut, peanut milk and peanut granules. The peanut is not broken after peeling, the color is white, the protein is invariant. Our company produces a machine that can be used in multiple units, which can be used for the material, peeling, sucking, picking and vacuuming, and the quality of peeling to the export standard. The whole machine has reasonable structure, stable operation, long service life and high stripping...

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Sugar Cube Making Machine Cost

The sugar cube making machine is a kind of automatic feeding sugar, automatic compression molding, continuous briquetting machine.and it is mainly used for pressure cube shape and other various shapes. the specifications have 16 16 13mm and 18 18 15mm and a variety of specifications. The equipment is mainly used for the powder or particles add water.such as sugar (sugar, red sugar) and monosodium glutamate, sugar and other good mobility of particles or powder. We also can provide sugar grinding,...

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Cost Of Peanut Candy Forming Machine

This peanut candy forming machine is mainly used peanut brittle,sesame brittle,sachima, meters flower sugar, eggs, shao crisp crisp, corn cake, melon seeds, black rice cake isometric square. This machine has simple operation, convenient use and large quantity, good cutting molding and length can be adjusted, etc The machine continuous feeding, from the automatic flattening, automatic cross-cutting, automatic vertical cutting composition; seven automatic leveling, leveling the density of moderate...

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Cost Of Peanut Peeling Machine

This peanut peeling machine is the present advanced blanched peanut dry peeling equipment, this machine need raw material moisture content below 4%, the general advice is after roasted peanuts, it features reasonable structure, stable running, low noise, long service life, high net rate, low half broken rate. It can also be used for multiple sets, and the quality of peeling can meet the export standard. It is mainly used for the peeling of white peanut, peanut, peanut, etc. The groundnut peeling...

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Sesame Roasting Machine Working Video

The sesame roasting machine is mainly used for baking peanuts, peanut fruit, peanuts, chestnuts, walnuts, almonds, eat beans, beans, nuts, seeds and other granular food. Roller pan mainly from the rack, hopper, barrel, block fire cover and other components, motor driven gear shaft through the belt, gear shaft drive gear on the rotating cylinder; thus continuously rotating cylinder evenly, materials steamed fried cylinder fed from the hopper. Oilseeds fully destroy cells. Add water steaming and r...

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