Baklava Cutter Machine Price

The baklava cutter machine can be automatically processed by horizontal and vertical, and the size of peanut can be adjusted according to customers requirement. The baklava cutting machine is mainly used for the cutting equipment of various kinds of pastry and the candy we developed. The machine is turning white. The smooth incision is the same size. This machine is especially suitable for the use of bakeries. This machine has the characteristics of simple operation, fast speed and small loss. W...

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Automatic Peanut Candy Making Machine China

This peanut candy making machine is mainly used for the forming of peanut candy, peanut cake, and kima cake. It has continuous feeding preloading and multi-channel roller rolling, automatic forming, the product surface is smooth, the density is moderate, the thickness is uniform, the real realization of automation, intelligent; This machine adopts the frequency conversion technology, the various movements by PLC control and coordination precision, can adjust the speed and the thickness of differ...

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The Russia Customer Visit Company For Rice Krispies Treat Machine

The Russia customer need the rice krispies treat machine. And our sales send the quotation to the customer.later,the customer is satisfied to the price list.and the customer decided to come to china for machine more detail information. The customer also do sport with our sales.and the are perfect in sport.and they are very happy in here. The rice krispies treats machine can be used for making puffed rice,wheat,black rice etc crisp candy....

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Sunflower Seed Roasting Machine Manufacturer

This sunflower seed roasting machine is widely used in food,electronics,and chemical industry,etc. such as peanuts,cashews,walnuts,pistachio,almond,broad bean,macadamias nuts,walnuts,pistachio nuts and other granular nuts. This automatic sunflower seed roasting machine is a versatile machine for processing various seeds and nuts. Sunflower seed roaster is designed in stainless steel for low temperature drying and high temperature roasted peanuts, sesame almond and other seed products. The oven t...

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Peanut Chikki Production Line Working video

Peanut chikki production line is used for peanut brittle,cereal bar processing.and the mold siza can be customed. The machine is easy to operate,discharge fast,low attrition rate.the production line not only can reduce the time of the operation of the workers,but also greatly improve the efficiency of the whole production....

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