How Make Sesame Candy?

Pan of vegetable oil 1 cup honey mild 1 cup sesame, baked in the oven 1/2 teaspoon salt Special equipment: a non-stick pan, such as sipa; A spring form of 8 to 9 inches; A candy thermometer. Place the pan in a large shallow baking sheet (1 inch deep). Take the bottom of the spring and put it aside. Oil in the oil ring core with vegetable oil and invert the ring to the center of the baking tray. Place the honey, sesame seeds and salt in a 2-quart saucepan, stirring at medium temperature, and stir...

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How Start Protein Bar Business?

Protein bars are a staple of most athletes, fitness enthusiasts and people who want healthy fast food alternatives. Most of the large food and beverage companies are now producing protein bars, but independent food vendors, especially those specializing in preservative-free, organic food or special food company, has a healthy market. The form of a free business plan Perfect recipe. As a business owner, you may never stop trying new recipes, but youll need at least one to start your new recipe. W...

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Rice Krispies Treats Machine Price

Rice krispies treat machine is mainly used for rice, wheat, corn, black rice, rice cakes, eggs, sweet potato cakes, melon seeds, cakes and other cake-type product forming production. Features: 1.Without air, direct production does not destroy the product . 2.2.Dont need to adjust, one pace reach the designated position, time saving, high production yield. 3.Running stability, automatic feed automatic filling; 4.Forming good, not easy demoulding; 5.High output, change the traditional way of cutti...

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Continuous Peanut Roasting Machine Feature

This peanut roasting machine is suitable for baking of peanut, melon seeds, pistachios, hazelnuts, almond and other nuts. Heating ways can be used for natural gas and liquefied gas. This machine consists of feeding, ascending, heating, drying, etc. Parts. Coal and steam heating, heating mode points with flow operation, speed can adjustable, adjustable temperature, uniform drying, high yield, no pollution, no damage, energy saving, etc. Feature: 1. The oven adopts metal materials, the oven is a k...

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Nut Nutritive Value

Nuts contained 36.0% protein, 58.8% fat, 72.6% carbohydrate, and vitamins (B, E, etc.), trace elements (phosphorus, calcium, zinc, iron), dietary fiber, etc. In addition, it also contains a single, polyunsaturated fatty acid, including linoleic acid, linoleic acid and other essential fatty acids. The health benefits of nuts are shown in the following aspects: 1. Reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes in women. American researchers at the harvard school of public health nutrition department has 84000...

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