Peanut Roaster|Almond Roasting Machine For Sell

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  • almond roasting machine

Peanut Roaster|Almond Roasting Machine For Sell

  • MOQ:1 /Sets
  • Certification: CE
  • Supply Ability: 300 Set/Sets Per Month
  • Pay Method: WEST UNION L/C T/T CASH
  • Warranty Time: 12 Months
  • Loading Port: Shanghai port/Qingdao port
  • Country Of Origin: China


The peanut roaster can roasting peanut, sesame, soybean,almond,walnut.

The machine uses the electric heat pipe as the heat source, uses the rotary roller, the heat conduction, the heat radiation principle, has the automatic temperature control device; the hot air is the drying medium, the heat energy acts on the baked object, in the baking process is baked Baked in the cage by the propulsion device continues to advance, the formation of uninterrupted circulation, so that the heat evenly, effectively guarantee the quality of baking.


1. Roasting time is short. Each time just needs about 20minutes. Of course, different situation,the roasting time will have a little different. For example, if you won't need the soybean skin crack, then 20 minutes is ok, if you will need the skin crack completely, then need about 40min one time.
2. Reasonable structure, low energy consumption, high efficiency, safety.
3. Low investment costs. Machine price is low, and have many models from small to large, customers can choose according to their needs.


Technical Data

Model GGJG-140
Capacity 600-800kg/h
Frying rate ≥98%
Heating source Diesel , Natural gas
Temperature 300℃
Inner wall thickness 5-10mm
Outside wall thickness 1.5mm
Power 4kw
Dimension 3000*1200*1400mm
Weight 780kg